OPAI Membership Fees - Voting Membership and Non Voting Membership

Voting Membership:

Irrigator:__Wells x $100 = $______

AG Producer:___ $100.


Non-Voting Membership:

Associate Membership: ___ $200









Voting membership is open to any agricultural landowner or agricultural producer within Cimarron, Texas, Beaver, Harper, Ellis, and Woodward counties upon payment of dues.

Non voting membership, “Associate Membership” is open to any other person or persons, associations, corporations or partnerships.











OPAI Membership

Support OPAI with Your Membership

OPAI is agriculture's strongest advocate for the critical issues that will shape our future. The Panhandle Regional Water Plan is one example of the advocacy OPAI provides for our members and the regional agriculture community.

OPAI's Purposes Include the Following, As Stated in Our Bylaws:

Your membership is key to our continued success and progress. A membership form is provided at the bottom of the Newsletters page. Contact Fred Fischer ([email protected], 580-522-1202) or Wes Woolman ([email protected], 580-544-2545) for any questions you may have about membership or OPAI's activities.